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Top performer: IVECO Stralis NP 460

It’s official. The IVECO Stralis NP 460 is the top-ranking truck in the market. Recent tests carried out by European trade publications have confirmed that as far as natural gas energy is concerned, the Stralis NP is strides ahead of the competition.

Did Truck Driver Appreciation Week pass you by

Every year, one week in September officially becomes Truck Driver Appreciation Week. This was from 9 to 15 September this year. Admittedly, this initiative is primarily geared towards our American counterparts, but it’s nice to think that some of that awareness-raising might spread across into Europe too.

Say ‘no’ to driverless trucks and drones

Silicon Valley may strongly believe that drones and self-driving trucks are set to transform the way goods are transported, but those in the trucking industry disagree. Passionately so.

4 (unfair) trucker stereotypes we can do without

Just like any industry, trucking has a diverse workforce. Truck drivers come from a variety of backgrounds, educations and ethnicities and are a mix of ages, genders and personalities.

Here’s to all those truck spotters out there…

Everyone should have a hobby. Some people are into competitive dog grooming. Others like to take to the streets at night to correct grammatical errors on shop fronts.

Dekotora: Part of trucking’s subculture

Dekotora trucks have been part of the world of trucking for more than 50 years. But there are plenty of us who’ve never heard of them.

Here’s what everyone should know about driving a truck

Driving a truck is one of the most amazing (and essential) jobs in the world. It’s the kind of job that no-one wants, but everyone wants. On one hand, we’re out on the open road without the constraints of 9-5 working hours. But that also means long periods of driving alone and a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

The world’s first flat-pack truck

Flat-pack furniture is one thing, but a flat-pack truck…? It may have started out as an interesting idea, but it’s moving ever closer to a reality.

Don-Bur LSTs: smart and safe

New technology is great, but you want to know a product is as practical as it is innovative.  

Autonomous trucks? Not so fast, says Daimler…

The world’s largest truck manufacturer, Daimler Trucks, has said Silicon Valley needs to slow down and lower expectations of self-driving lorries.

What’s the impact of tyre tariffs?

Almost as soon as it was announced that the EU were to be imposing tariffs on truck tyres, the news started having an impact on the market.

European truck rates continue to rise

The cost of trucking is on the up for European shippers. The combination of not enough drivers and rising fuel prices has left shippers in Europe paying more for trucking.