Driver road safety needs to be a priority

Fleet managers are being urged to set out cost-effective fleet road safety strategies and prioritise work-related safety for drivers.

Potholes considered more hazardous than drink-driving

New research has revealed that drivers consider potholes in roads to be a more serious concern than drink-driving or texting while behind the wheel.

Does EU border truck driver traffic tell the whole story?

Despite the concerns about post-Brexit delays at Dover, most truck drivers are border ready.

5 driving laws you need to know in 2021

This year, motorists can expect a series of new driving laws to come into effect. Failing to comply with these laws could result in a fine, penalty points, or even their car insurance being revoked.

HGV drivers urged to stay alert in face of rising cargo crime

HGV drivers are being urged to remain vigilant as the number of cargo thefts continues to rise.

Drink-drive limit should be lowered

A new government-funded report has recommended that the drink-drive limit in England and Wales is lowered. Increased alcohol consumption coupled with reduced traffic-police numbers during the pandemic mean tougher rules surrounding drink-driving are required, reports Auto Express.

5 ways to stay safe as an HGV or LGV driver

Driving an HGV or LGV requires care and attention. It’s important to stay safe on the road and keep security front of mind.

Become an HGV driver faster with these interview tips

Wondering how to become an HGV driver? As well as finding HGV driving jobs and getting your licence, you’ll also need to navigate a job interview. It can be a nerve-racking experience, but with lots of preparation, you can become an HGV driver faster than you think.

Want to become an HGV driver? Ignore these 5 lorry driver myths

It’s time to dispel those misconceptions…

Rise in number of drivers targeted by scammers

The number of drivers being targeted by scammers is rising. Between July and September 2020, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) saw a 603% increase in reported scams compared to the same three months in 2019.

LGV or HGV drivers – what’s the difference?

If you’re thinking about starting your career as an LGV or HGV driver, you’ve got an exciting journey ahead of you. But you’ve also got to work out exactly what kind of vehicle you want to drive. A common question that we’re often asked is ‘what’s the difference between an HGV and LGV?’

What do you get when you turn a sports car into a big rig?

What is it about car manufacturers and their fascination with trucks? You’ve got Mercedes-Benz which is the sister company of Freightliner. Volkswagen is about to buy Navistar. And then there’s Tesla’s semi-truck. This ongoing interest has clearly got fleet management review site FleetLogging thinking. Running with that theme, they’ve imagined what supercar brands would look like as trucks. Of course, we’re unlikely to see a Ferrari super-truck on the road any time soon, but trucks are about to undergo a dramatic makeover as they transition from diesel to electric and hydrogen models. Think sleek, aerodynamic and much quicker moving off from traffic lights. Whether you’re a fan of racing cars or racing trucks, here’s a roundup of what FleetLogging came up with… Aston Martin The name Aston ...[Read More]