The price of diesel has fallen, but it’s taken a corona virus for that to happen

The price of fuel has fallen dramatically because there is less demand for the resource across China as the country struggles to contain the coronavirus.

Czech officials consider banning trucks from left lane

If you were asked to list Europe’s best roads, the D1 motorway in the Czech Republic would certainly not make the grade. The main roadway running between Prague and Brno doesn’t have the best of reputations. It might be the country’s busiest highway, but it seems to be in a continuous state of disrepair and the heavy congestion seems never ending.

7 tips for winter driving

There’s a certain set of skills for driving a truck in good weather. Add snow, ice or other wintry conditions and that skillset goes up to a whole new level.

China–Europe trucking service to compete with air freight

It was six months in the making, but the first ever truck has driven from the Chinese border town of Khorgos, via Kazakhstan to Europe. And all in just 13 days.

Driver shortage affecting whole of Europe

Research has revealed the extent of the driver shortage in Europe. A new report, revealed that Europe’s road transport companies are hurtling toward a driver shortage crisis of 150,000 unfilled jobs.

Low water levels in Rhine create boost for trucking

The Rhine is one of Europe’s main freight arteries, connecting the North Sea in the Netherlands with Europe’s biggest economy Germany.

Has Tesla really bought some trucking companies?

Elon Musk has never shied away from speaking his mind and his comments often leave the rest of us scratching our heads.

Change is coming to trucking, but something’s got to give

The idea of all or nothing has its appeal. It’s a chance to get everything out of your system in one go. We might drink more than our recommended daily units in one night, but hey, that’s OK, because we’ll be booze free for the next three days (48 hours at least).

Meet Vera, Volvo’s new semi

Trucks might not need a driver in the future, but they definitely need names – just ask Volvo. Not happy with just creating a driverless electric truck concept, Volvo has given it a name: Vera.

Nikola electric road tractor planned for Europe

Nikola Tre is a fully electric hydrogen-powered cab tractor that is being developed with European markets in mind.

Trucks on frontline of cargo crime

New research has revealed the number one threat to trucking operations around the world: hijackings.

Truckers and cyclists swap wheels

Motor company Ford has been encouraging truckers to swap wheels with cyclists as part of its ‘Share the Road’ campaign.