Which countries pay truckers the most?

Considering truck drivers are such a vital part of keeping the global economy running smoothly, it’s a shame they don’t get paid accordingly. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t noticed how poorly truck drivers are paid. Or perhaps they don’t really care. The media continually reminds us that the industry has its work cut out trying to recruit new truck drivers. But we all know the problem is less a driver shortage, more a pay shortage. How the industry expects truck drivers to make a living on such low wages is anyone’s guess. Where a truck driver drives their truck determines how well they get paid (or not). But it’s more than just location that decides truck driver salaries. There’s also miles travelled, size of vehicle, company, experience, qualifications, pay structure, and more. A survey...[Read More]

Drivers send more than 35 dashcam videos to police every day

For years, other people’s bad driving was something we’ve had to grin and bear. But then dashcams appeared on the scene. According to research by consumer car mag WhatCar? vigilante motorists are sending more than 35 dashcam videos to the police every day. The data revealed that more than 52,000 pieces of footage had been submitted in the UK since 2017. The figures, which were gathered via a freedom of information request sent to every UK police force, show that a third of those videos resulted in action being taken by the police. 35 out of the UK’s 42 police forces have been able to hand out fines to drivers based on dashcam evidence. Just over 10% of the incidents were serious enough to warrant court prosecutions. Meanwhile, 9.6% resulted in a Fixed Penalty Notice, 10.5% ended up with th...[Read More]

3 of the all-time best trucking movies to watch

There’s something about truck drivers and their trucks that’s appealed to certain film makers. The possibilities are endless. The struggling truck driver trying to turn his life around. The straight-laced trucker who gets caught up in the criminal underworld of trucking. Or what about the wronged truck driver who is out to get revenge by any means necessary? All classic film storylines, but with a trucking twist to them… Some might argue that a trucker watching a film about trucking is too much like a busman’s holiday. For others, there’s something deeply comforting about watching something that’s so familiar, yet still provides that sense of escape. (FYI: we’re talking about the familiarity of life on the road rather than the familiarity of criminals, corruption and revenge… A...[Read More]

Strange lorry road sign bewilders some drivers

It seems that not all signs need to appear in the Highway Code before they make it onto UK roads. A road sign that has been spotted on some of the UK’s routes has left some drivers scratching their heads about what it could mean. The rectangular sign shows an image of a satellite sitting above a lorry (with a diagonal red line through it) placed on a blue background.  The image was recently shared on social media along with the comment: “This one wasn’t in the Highway Code when I took my test. Anyone any ideas?” Plenty of people had a go at deciphering the sign, with suggestions ranging from potential alien invasion to a warning for HGV drivers. Unsurprisingly, the latter is closer to the truth. The sign is warning HGV drivers not to follow their sat navs down country lanes. Rural roads ca...[Read More]

Risk of fatal injury high in transport sector

New data has revealed the transport sector has an injury rate far higher than the average in other sectors.

‘Intelligent’ mapping service planned to create safer roads

Vehicle-mounted image recognition technology is being used on Britain’s roads to create ‘intelligent’ maps of roadside assets.

4 trucking scams (and how to avoid them)

here’s a list of five trucking scams – and more importantly, how to avoid them…

Drink drive limits: Do you have a toxic relationship with booze?

Everyone knows the penalties for drinking and driving include hefty fines and imprisonment, and can lead to death. Yet a worrying number of drivers are still caught behind the wheel when they’re over the drinking limit for driving.

Guide to the HGV road user levy

Every HGV driven in the UK is subject to the HGV road user levy.

Latest information for HGV drivers driving between the UK and Europe

There are temporary testing facilities at Hull Port and Humberside Airport, however, the advice is to get tested before arriving at a port to avoid delays.

Drivers want cameras to spot illegal phone use

A survey conducted for the RAC has revealed that 8% of drivers in the UK admit to taking part in video calls while behind the wheel.

Truck drivers ‘treated like second class citizens’

“We were being clapped along with NHS workers a few short weeks ago. People should remember if it wasn't for truckers there would be nothing on the shelves.”