The middle finger to middle lane hoggers

If there’s one thing sure to top a survey of most annoying driving habits, its middle-lane drivers. It’s certainly up there with my top bugbears.

Will crossing the Channel ever be simple?

It has been 15 months since the infamous ‘Jungle’ in Calais closed, but truckers are still having to run the gauntlet if they are to cross the Channel.

What makes a great truck stop?

A survey carried out last year by the watchdog Transport Focus, revealed that while 90% of visitors to motorway services are satisfied with the facilities, professional drivers are less so.

Dude, where’s my trailer? said the truck driver

There are some rules of the road every truck driver knows: 1) Stay focused 2) Leave enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead 3) Get enough sleep between stops, and 4) Don’t lose your trailer. I’m not even joking.

What tech do you need for your cab?

Technology makes tasks simpler, faster, safer, and more accurate, but investment often boils down to one question: will it give us a competitive edge?

Driven to distraction

A news story that caught my eye recently was about a road safety charity urging fleet operators to put an end to driver distraction.

Dashcams in trucking: All eyes on the road

The so-called ‘crash for cash’ phenomenon is an enduring problem. According to figures from the Insurance Fraud Bureau, the insurance industry pays out £392 million each year against such cases.