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China leading the way in electric trucking

China leading the way in electric trucking

To say that China dominates the electric trucking market is no exaggeration. The country is leagues ahead of its competitors in terms of producing electrified trucks. However, the signals point to sales of electric trucks to take off around the world pretty soon.

At the moment the vast majority of vehicle sales each year are in China. In Europe and the US, the majority of activity in the electric heavy-duty truck market falls within the realms of demonstration and customer trials only.

But adoption could be starting to shift beyond China. Here’s why…

Tesla is planning to increase production of its semi truck, working with startups and traditional truck manufacturers to scale up production of battery-powered vehicles.

There has also been a flurry of activity from Nikola Motors recently. The start-up is planning to commence manufacture of battery-powered and hydrogen fuel-cell models. The company claims to have 14,000 pre-orders for its fuel-cell truck due to go into production in 2023. And insider information suggests that those orders come mainly from Europe, the US and Canada.

It is also expected that European climate regulations will increase sales across the continent.

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