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Convoy CEO: Forget driver shortages, inefficiency is the real problem

Convoy CEO: Forget driver shortages, inefficiency is the real problem

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While the headlines shout about the ongoing driver shortage, there’s another challenge plaguing the industry: inefficiency.

Speaking with CNBC last week, Dan Lewis, CEO of on-demand trucking app Convoy explained that trucks are running empty 30-40% of the time. Lewis’ plan is to change that by making use of the free space in trailers.

According to Lewis: “We think the next big thing in trucking is to actually automate the process of matching those hundreds of thousands, millions of trucks with all of the freight that needs to be moved every day.”

Lewis goes as far as to say that inefficiency is a bigger problem for the industry than driver shortages.

He’s got a point.

When you start adding up all the journeys drivers make pulling an empty trailer, not to mention the time spent waiting at docks and facilities, there’s huge room for improvement.

You can generate 20, 30 percent more capacity just by running the whole system more efficiently,” said Lewis.

Convoy’s app connects truckers with people who need to move freight. It is currently working on a new suite of tools that will help truckers combine tasks so they waste less time.

Whatever your thoughts on the digital age of trucking, there are some things we all agree on.

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  1. Very good point,however less realistic to come through mostly to the work and pay system.


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