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Convoy testing on real routes

Convoy testing on real routes

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Whatever you think about advanced transportation technology, the tech being created by truck designers these days is certainly impressive. This advanced tech focuses not just on alternative ways to power vehicles but also how those vehicles ‘think’.

Earlier this month, the Port of Rotterdam saw hundreds of trucks fitted with connected technology trialling convoy driving in an effort to make logistics safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Part of Experience Week Connected Transport, 250 trucks covered 250 routes over five days from six locations (Helmond, Tilburg, Rotterdam/Maasvlakte, Moerdijk, Roosendaal, and Aalsmeer). Demos in the Rotterdam/Maasvlakte region, for example, included convoy testing, driving displays, traffic control systems and tyre pressure checks.

In 2016, the truck platooning challenge took place during which trucks drove without cargo. This time, the trucks were carrying eight containers on real routes crossing the Amsterdam-Antwerp and Rotterdam-Ruhr region corridors.

Speaking about the initiative, the Port of Rotterdam explained: “The trucks are equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), a system that maintains a constant speed and reduces speed automatically if a vehicle in front slows down. Each truck is also equipped with systems that can guide the entire convoy safely across intersections.”

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