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Could biomethane cut your fuel costs?

Could biomethane cut your fuel costs?

Are you keen to save on fuel costs for your truck fleet? Then switching from diesel to biomethane could be the answer you’re looking for, according to a new campaign. 

The Gas Vehicle Network (GVN) has produced a short video that claims that switching could halve fleets’ fuel costs and bring huge environmental benefits. 

It comes as the John Lewis Partnership, which includes Waitrose, announced it is building a biomethane gas filling station at its Bracknell head office. The retail giant aims to stop using fossil fuels across its transport fleet by 2030. 

Renewable energy

The GVN’s head of external affairs, Isaac Occhipinti, said: “There is so much information out there for fleet operators to trawl through, and the decarbonisation landscape can be overwhelming. 

“Clean, low carbon, renewable gas-powered vehicles are an obvious, sustainable solution for the freight and transport industry. GVN statistics show that in 2019 almost 80% of the total dispensed volume of gas for transport fuel was biomethane – a renewable and sustainable low carbon fuel – a 22% increase from 2018.

“By switching from diesel to renewable biomethane gas, fleet operators could see savings of up to £29,000 per year, approximately 52%. In addition, with biomethane, net CO emissions could be cut by over 84%.

 “It is becoming increasingly clear that gas as a transport fuel can and will deliver substantial financial and carbon savings for fleet managers and Government as they adopt low carbon, renewable gas-powered heavy vehicle transport.”

Shopping deliveries

John Lewis’ new biomethane station is due to open in December 2020. Initially, it will supply 120 Waitrose heavy goods trucks with biomethane made from food waste and waste materials. 

Each truck is calculated to reduce 100 tonnes of CO2 every year. Biomethane lorries are also quieter than diesel, which is especially important for shopping deliveries in urban areas. 

Have you switched from diesel to biomethane? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Calculate your fuel costs with our fuel calculator.

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