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Could dash cams change the trucking industry?

Could dash cams change the trucking industry?

In Russia, more than one million drivers have dash cams installed in their vehicles purely to help prevent police corruption. It’s a trend that has caught on around the world – but for other reasons.

The trucking industry was an early adopter of dash cam technology (after police vehicles and buses). With truck drivers spending so much time on the roads, these black boxes offer a simple way to protect truck drivers and vehicles in the event of an accident.

Make no mistake, you can be the safest driver on the road, but if the person driving next to you is eating a burger and texting, while hogging the middle lane, it’s good to have an extra set of eyes.

Spend just five minutes online and you’ll wonder whether dash cam footage is ever anything other than shocking, dramatic or outrageous.There are some seriously bad drivers out there, and trucking companies can use this technology to bolster legal defence, vehicle security and driver accountability.

Dash cams help protect truck drivers in the UK and Europe from potential lawsuits following an accident. Many have a standby mode that activates on motion to help the trucking industry catch potential vandals. And inward facing dash cams are designed to alert drivers to unsafe behaviour.

Dashboard cameras are good for the trucking industry, creating a safer environment for all drivers. And they see all sorts. From mudslides and hurricanes to falling meteorites and UFOs, I wonder what else they have seen. There’s plenty of dull moments on the road, but some pretty extraordinary ones too.

Do you have a dashcam in your truck? Would you like one? Would it make you feel safer? More protected? What do you think dash cams offer value to the trucking industry?

Find out how dash cams are being used in the fight against crash for cash scams against the trucking industry. 

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