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Could millennials save the trucking industry?

Could millennials save the trucking industry?

We all like to complain about millennials, but they could be the answer to the current truck driver shortage. But how to attract millennials to the industry? It’s no mean feat, especially considering so many existing workers aged 35 or under are planning to leave the industry.

According to research carried out last year, 75% of drivers aged 18-35 with an average of six years’ experience are planning to leave their jobs in the next five years.

Why? The same reasons anyone wants to leave a job: lack of pension, benefits, or career progression opportunities. They don’t want to work long hours, they want better pay, and are looking for a better work-life balance. But who isn’t?

Millennials have been brought up with a specific idea of what to expect from their professional lives. Unfortunately for the industry, driving a truck doesn’t fit into that ideal.

So what are companies doing to attract millennials? Some are turning their attention to their recruitment marketing messages, highlighting the benefits of being your own boss, working flexible hours, a good rate of pay, and the impact truck drivers have on the world simply by getting cargo from A to B. Others are investing in mod-cons, fitting full-sized fridges, Wi-Fi, and 4K TV into sleeper trucks.

In fact, technology could be part of the solution. With younger generations looking for a high standard of technology in their future roles, perhaps the industry’s move towards tech will be what draws them in. A convoy of autonomous trucks will still need a human driver – and that level of tech might just appeal to a millennial.

What do you think? Should the industry be doing more to recruit millennials into trucking?

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