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Councils to issue fines for minor motoring offences

Councils to issue fines for minor motoring offences

New proposals being drafted by the Department for Transport (DfT) could give local councils more powers to issue penalty fines to motorists.

Drivers being caught making illegal turns, veering into a cycle lane, ignoring no entry signs or entering yellow box junctions could face fines of £70. The plans will give local councils extra powers to deal with motorists who choose to ignore the rules of the road.

As it stands, only councils in London and Cardiff are able to penalise motorists for breaking simple driving laws.

Elsewhere, it is left up to the police to deal with these kinds of incidents. With police resources currently stretched, it means these violations are rarely penalised.

Which is why the DfT is looking to give power to almost 300 local authorities to enforce common road offences and free-up police resources.

Under the new reform, councils would take responsibility for around 20 moving traffic offences. This will help increase council funding at a time when government budgets are being cut.

Speaking about these plans in the House of Commons, Transport Under-Secretary Rachel Maclean explained that guidance would be given to authorities about “how to use the powers”.

She also said that these changes would not come into effect immediately: “This will take several months to bring into force, after which those local authorities with civil parking enforcement powers can apply for a designation order for moving traffic enforcement.

“Statutory guidance is being developed for local authorities on how to use the powers, including publicising their introduction in advance, to ensure that enforcement is carried out fairly.”

We can expect to see the changes starting to take effect in the summer.

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