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DAF to showcase its LF Electric truck at top UK show

The DAF LF Electric is to be showcased at a major show being staged at Alexandra Palace.

DAF Trucks is to showcase its LF Electric 19-tonner at the Freight in the City Expo next week as part of the drive to cut CO2 emissions and improve air quality. 

The UK market leader’s new zero-emissions 4×2 rigid is available now for UK operators, alongside its CF Electric 6×2 rigid and 4×2 tractor-unit stablemates.

The LF Electric has been designed and manufactured at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire and is fitted with a Paccar curtain-sided body, also designed and built at the Leyland manufacturing facility. 

Leyland Trucks has recently won Government funding to support the creation of an interactive website to encourage the uptake of battery-electric trucks. 

DAF LF Electric 19-tonne rigids

A total of 20 DAF LF Electric 19-tonne rigids will be fitted with data logging equipment and used to support the Department for Transport’s (DfT) efforts in supporting the uptake of Battery Electric Vehicles.

The DAF CF Electric is available as a 37-tonne GCW 4×2 tractor for inter-urban roles – typically supermarket work and ‘shuttle-type’ distribution – and also as a 27-tonne GVW 6×2 rigid for utility applications, primarily as a refuse collection vehicle, and also for more general, heavier urban distribution needs.

DAF Trucks has already received orders for two new CF Electric tractor units from Cardiff-based international freight forwarders, Freight Systems Express Wales (FSEEW). 

It is the UK’s first order for battery-electric heavy tractor units, as well as a first-order for DAF Trucks.

FSEW’s new DAF CF Electric trucks represent the company’s first major step towards its objective of switching to a fleet-wide zero-emissions transport operation. 

Potential vehicle and charging options

In collaboration with decarbonisation specialists, Egnida and DAF Trucks’ own electric vehicle experts, the partnership embarked upon a month-long, end-to-end appraisal of all aspects of FSEW’s business, encompassing detailed journey analysis and comparison of the potential vehicle and charging options, including ongoing support capability.

The DAF LF Electric provides 260kW of nominal power and torque of 1,970 Nm. 

The truck’s power comes from a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack with a gross energy content of 282kWh providing the truck with a range potential of 174 miles. 

The DAF LF Electric that will be on display at Alexandra Palace comes complete with the Paccar curtainsided body and tuck-under tail-lift, offers a payload of 9,100kg – which is sufficient for most urban distribution applications.

Feature of the new LF Electric

A special feature of the new LF Electric is the ‘Combined Charging System’ that allows the truck to be charged through regular power networks and is ideal when the truck returns to its home base at the end of the day. 

Through slow charging, the battery pack can be charged from 20% to 80% in 6.5 hours. A full charge takes up to 12-hours. 

The LF Electric is available with an optional 400V e-PTO for auxiliary equipment such as an electric cooling installation or electro-hydraulic crane, thus eliminating the need for a separate generator and resulting in a full zero-emission distribution truck.

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