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DAF truck production resumes in Europe

DAF truck production resumes in Europe

DAF factories that were forced to close because of Covid-19 are reopening across Europe.

The company’s production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK have been altered to make them ready to operate during the pandemic. According to the vehicle manufacturer, workstations have been assessed and adapted, tasks separated, routes altered and work schedules modified.

Workers in factories are now able to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres (2 metres in the UK). Cleaning products have been made widely available and production staff are also wearing face masks as a precaution.

Speaking about these changes, Harry Wolters, president of DAF said: “I am proud of the creativity and dedication displayed by our employees.”

“For the moment we are less concerned about production figures,” he continued.

“Instead, the safety of DAF and Leyland Trucks employees is our number one priority. That’s why the production volume is still relatively low. We will only crank it up when it is safe to do so.”

Wolters also highlighted the “vital role” trucking plays in the “smooth functioning of society” and the company’s desire to continue supplying trucks to customers.

MAN has also confirmed it has restarted the production of trucks after a six-week hiatus. The company will resume production at reduced capacity with wide-ranging safety measures in place.

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