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DAF trucks’ New Generation comes alive digitally

DAF trucks’ New Generation comes alive digitally

A stunning augmented reality app has been unveiled to help potential customers appreciate how the New Generation XF, XG and XG⁺ from DAF trucks will fit into their business.

The truck maker says this offering is an ‘industry first’.

Whether using the app on mobile devices or computer screens, DAF says their new trucks will ‘come alive’ as users get to enjoy a fully immersive online virtual experience.

‘Start the Future’

The applications reflect DAF’s slogan for their New Generation of trucks which is ‘Start the Future’.

The interactive augmented reality app is downloadable from the app stores at Google Play and Apple.

Once downloaded, users will be able to inspect every detail of the New Generation XF, XG and XG⁺ by just swiping on the display of any mobile device. 

And by using the camera of a mobile phone or tablet, the new software can place the DAF truck wherever the user wants.

That could mean placing a new truck on their desk, in a nearby parking area or even in their kitchen!

Explore the truck from every angle

The app’s user can then explore the truck from every angle – as well as inside and out.

DAF says the app enables users to discover the range’s details and features without having to leave their seat.  

The truck maker has also revealed that along with the New Generation DAF app, there’s also the ‘DAF Virtual Experience’ to enjoy.

This will give users an immersive and interactive online environment and will convincingly emulate the physical equivalent of the DAF Eindhoven’s onsite Experience Centre.

Virtually drive the New Generation XG and XG⁺

The virtual scenario offers shows, videos, presentations and a live chat – there’s also the possibility to register for a virtual drive in the New Generation XG and XG⁺. 

The online offering also includes the prospect of a visit to the DAF Museum and a virtual shop. DAF says they will add more features in the months to come.

However, at the heart of the Virtual Experience is a showroom called ‘Start the Future’ showroom. 

Visitors can use this facility to get up close and personal with the New Generation XF, XG and XG⁺ trucks and learn of the important features that make this line so impressive.  

DAF Virtual Experience works on all devices

DAF’s director of marketing and sales, Richard Zink, said: “The DAF Virtual Experience has been designed to work on all devices – desktop and mobile. It is responsive, rapid and much more than just a video production, with the look and feel of a high-end gaming environment. 

“The New Generation DAF app and the Virtual Experience are part of a comprehensive digital launch of a new generation of trucks, and at the same time ushers in a new generation in communications too.”

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