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DFDS orders another 25 heavy Volvo FM Electric trucks

Logistics firm DFDS has placed an additional order for 25 heavy Volvo FM Electric trucks.

Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company, DFDS, has placed an order for an additional 25 heavy Volvo FM Electric trucks.

The new vehicles are on top of the record order of 100 Volvo FM Electric trucks that was made in October, which makes a total of 125 Electric trucks for DFDS.

The president of Volvo Trucks, Roger Alm, said: “Once again, DFDS has confirmed its great trust in our partnership and technology with this order for an additional 25 Volvo FM Electric trucks. 

“We are very proud and happy that it is so clearly becoming a competitive advantage for transporters to be able to offer electric, sustainable transports.”

He added: “This is very encouraging for Volvo Trucks, for our customers and for the climate.

Electric vehicle delivery will begin in late 2022 

Delivery of the electric vehicles will begin late next year, and they will be used for transports in the DFDS logistics system in Europe.

The head of the logistics division at DFDS, Niklas Andersson, said: “Green investments in the heavy transport industry are a prerequisite to reach the emissions reductions needed for DFDS, customers and society. 

“Our partnership with Volvo Trucks allows DFDS to invest further in green transport solutions, already in high demand among customers.”

DFDS provides ferry and transport services in and around Europe and has 10,000 employees in more than 20 countries. 

The logistics firm is headquartered in Copenhagen and Mr Andersson added: “We hope such investments increase the demand for green infrastructure solutions across Europe.”

Volvo FM Electric offers a range of 311 miles

With a Volvo FM Electric truck, it is possible to drive up to 311 miles during a workday, with a fast top-up charge, for example, during the driver’s lunch break. 

The FM Electric has a gross combination weight of up to 44 tonnes and can be charged both overnight at the home depot and also with a fast charger on the road.

Volvo Trucks started serial production of its electric vehicles in 2019 and was one of the very first truck brands to do so. 

The firm’s product range now includes six electric truck models – the Volvo FH, FM, FMX, FE, FL and the Volvo VNR which is only sold in North America.

Of the electric trucks, that is those that are 16 tonnes and heavier, registered in Europe so far this year, Volvo Trucks has a market share of just over 40%.

Install a high-performance public charging network

Meanwhile, Volvo Trucks is one of three leading commercial vehicle manufacturers to sign a binding agreement to create a joint venture to install and operate a high-performance public charging network.

The network is aimed at charging battery-electric, heavy-duty long-haul trucks and coaches across Europe. 

Along with Daimler Truck and the Traton Group, the firms are committed to building the charging infrastructure for the increasing number of customers of electric vehicles in Europe and help contribute to climate-neutral transportation by 2050.

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