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DHL Supply Chain invests in 13 Volvo Bio-LNG trucks

DHL Supply Chain has added 13 new Volvo FH Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tractor units to its fleet as part of its GoGreen plan.

DHL Supply Chain has revealed that 13 new Volvo FH Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tractor units have been added to its growing fleet of gas trucks.

The move is part of the firm’s ‘GoGreen’ plan and commitment to finding innovative solutions to reducing its environmental impact. 

The Volvo FH 6×2 tractor units are equipped with Globetrotter cabs and specified with 155kg LNG tanks for a maximum range of 1,000km. 

The new vehicles will deliver up to 80% reduction in carbon emissions when fuelled with bio-LNG and 10-20% with fossil gas. 

‘World’s largest logistics company’

The managing director of DHL Supply Chain, Ian Clough, said: “As part of the world’s largest logistics company, we have a clear set of ambitious environmental targets to achieve, as well as ones to deliver for our customers. 

“To help enable greener supply chains and support our customers in their proactive approach to sustainable transport, we continue to work closely with both our customers and partners to find the best solutions.”

He added: “The Volvo gas truck is an excellent product, and Bio-LNG is a viable option to achieve significant carbon reduction in long-haul distribution. 

“We’ve been impressed with the FH LNG units we already have in service and our intention is to accelerate our investment in gas trucks moving forward.”

More than 500 gas vehicles in operation

DHL is now talking to customers with the aim to have more than 500 gas vehicles in operation across its fleet by 2025.

The new FH LNGs use small amounts of diesel to initiate ignition of the air-fuel mixture, and this enables the Volvo G13C engine to deliver the same 460hp and 2,300Nm of torque as its diesel-only counterpart, with matching driveability, reliability, and service intervals. 

DHL rolls out green carrier certification

Meanwhile, DHL Supply Chain has announced the roll-out of Green Carrier Certification through its primary UK sub-contractor DigiHaul. 

The programme will help to identify sub-contractors that are already contributing to sustainable logistics, while encouraging even more investment in green technologies to reduce carbon output.

DigiHaul manages a network of 750 carriers on behalf of DHL, who will all be invited to take part in the certification programme. 

Carriers will be assessed on whether they have an environmental or sustainability strategy in place, as well as their ability to measure their carbon footprint and share their data. 

In addition, the assessment will look at features of their fleet – from basic technologies such as low rolling resistance tyres, aerodynamic enhancements and idle cut-off, to advanced green technologies such as sustainable fuels and alternative drivetrains.

Tutu Akinkoye, DHL’s GoGreen l, said: “Visibility of transport carriers’ emissions has been a challenge. DigiHaul has the data collection and processing capabilities to manage the certification programme, as well as strong relationships across the carrier community to encourage even more effort from everyone in our industry.”

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