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Does Convoy have all the answers?

Does Convoy have all the answers?

Trucking is a lucrative industry and there are plenty of startups keen to get in on the action.
Convoy is just one. The brainchild of two former Amazon employees, this startup uses technology to connect truck drivers with companies that need to move freight.

Speaking about the trucking app, Convey CEO Dan Lewis stated: “What we do that’s different is that all of the truck drivers and small trucking companies that are working with Convoy use the Convoy app on their phone.”

He continued: “That lets us know where they are so we can get them freight that’s relevant for what they want to run.”

Convoy uses software to match drivers and shippers, and the app has more than 100,000 trucks and drivers on its network.

Something else that sets Convoy apart is its commitment to transparency. Shippers are given complete visibility and all the data they need to see what happens when trucks arrive at their facilities. This helps them make more informed decisions and have more successful experiences when dealing with those trucks.

Lewis also believes Convoy could help ease the driver shortage: “We need to make the industry more accessible and more desirable for people to start working in.

“How do you make it easier for a truck driver to run a small business? Well, you give them technology that helps them get jobs,” he continued.

“How do you make it easier for them to get paid on time? Well, you give them technology that makes it so when they’re waiting at a facility, they can track that and get paid.”

He might have a point. But does Convoy have all the answers?

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