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Don-Bur LSTs: smart and safe

Don-Bur LSTs: smart and safe

New technology is great, but you want to know a product is as practical as it is innovative.  

With so much tech on offer, fleets are getting smarter. But for cost-conscious fleet managers, these new products and features need to make sound business sense.

Don-Bur’s trailer, exhibited at April’s Commercial Vehicle Show, could tick all the boxes.

Since their launch in 2012, longer semi-trailers (LSTs) have proven their worth, saving around one in every 19 journeys and reducing freight distances by between 15.1 and 17.8 million kilometres.

The biggest example of its kind is the tri-axle Blade – a 4.88m high, 15.65m long trailer that boasts a volume of 145.5m³. 16% longer than a standard trailer, it could reduce journeys by two in every 13.

The 10T capacity lifting deck is able to load two UK pallets (at their longest width) across its width and is powered by the company’s single-ram-and-pulley system. The lifting deck is accompanied by an additional second deck to allow the full pallet capacity, and both decks offer ample headroom.

Blade’s composite panels are lightweight, don’t delaminate, and have outstanding protection against impact, abrasion, puncture and corrosion.

As well as being exceptionally efficient, Blades are also smart. The trailers are equipped with technology to ensure issues such as failed EBS connection in transit or legs not being fully lowered during do-coupling do not occur. There is also a 360˚ bird’s eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle when reversing, pedestrian and cyclist detection, and down-facing lights for reversing.

Smart and safe – more of that kind of technology, please. Less of the other…

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