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Driven to distraction

Driven to distraction

A news story that caught my eye recently was about a road safety charity urging fleet operators to put an end to driver distraction.

New research by Brake has revealed that more than a third of operators do nothing to monitor driver distraction. It also revealed that three in ten organisations have no policies in place designed to prevent distraction.

Of the fleets surveyed that do have distraction policies in place, 91% have banned the use of hand-held mobiles while driving, but just 32% restrict the use of hands-free phone – despite these creating a distraction for drivers.

26% of respondents don’t offer their drivers any form of training or awareness sessions dealing with driver distraction.

Ross Moorlock, Brake’s business development director explains: “Our survey shows many fleet managers are still not doing enough to prevent driver distraction.

“While many are aware of the risks of distraction, this needs to be better reflected in company policy, as well as through the introduction of best practice initiatives, evidenced based interventions, effective driver education and data monitoring.”

We all know what can distract us when we’re behind the wheel. Using mobile phones or in-vehicle technology, eating, drinking and smoking all significantly increase the risk of being involved in an accident.

The charity’s Fleet Safety Survey polled more than 350 fleets, who between them have responsibility for more than 267,000 vehicles and 35,000 employees who drive for a living.

We all want safer roads, so it’s now up to fleet operators to make sure they have clear policies relating to driver distraction. I wonder whether someone could do the same for car driver distraction, too.

Only last week, I was almost rammed by a lorry whose driver was checking Facebook behind the wheel. Long distance journeys can become a bit monotonous but guys, we need to keep our eyes on the road!

What do you think we can do about keeping our fellow drivers from being distracted?

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