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Driver road safety needs to be a priority

Driver road safety needs to be a priority

Fleet managers are being urged to set out cost-effective fleet road safety strategies and prioritise work-related safety for drivers.

Following the publication of the Road Safety Pays Dividends whitepaper from the Fleet Industry Advisory Group (FIAG), fleet management company Venson Automotive Solutions wants to put driver safety on top of the agenda.

According to estimates, up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve someone behind the wheel who is working. Whether that person is behind the wheel of a car, van or artic lorry is not relevant, the focus is ensuring businesses create driver safety strategies that add value in a post-Covid world.

Organisations of all sizes have a duty of care to ensure that employees are kept as safe as possible when driving for work. This is not just a legal duty, it’s a moral duty, too.

As the UK slowly edges its way out of lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions and businesses move towards some semblance of normality, there will be an increasing number of fleet traffic on the roads. This means fleet managers will need to reassess risk levels and re-engage with staff to ensure driver safety is a priority.

According to the FIAG whitepaper, 20% of drivers are responsible for 80% of fleet maintenance costs. But with comprehensive safety training, the number of accidents and repairs can be reduced.

Simon Staton, client management director at Venson stated: “The pandemic has accelerated the already rapid changes taking place within business transport.”

He continued by highlighting the benefits of safety training and support, not just for car, van and truck drivers, but also for “the success of the business – of reducing the number and cost of accidents at a time when economic uncertainty is putting pressure on the balance sheets of many organisations.”

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