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Driver shortage: Are asylum seekers the answer?

Driver shortage: Are asylum seekers the answer?

Here are two facts you probably already know:

1. There’s a shortage of truck drivers across Europe.
2. There’s widespread unemployment among migrants forced to flee their homes during the migrant crisis.

A forward-thinking project in Germany has linked the two facts together and plans to make it easier for asylum seekers to become truck drivers.

The brainchild of the German Red Cross and the Logistics Organisation, the initiative hopes to fill the driver shortage with a targeted migrant recruitment campaign.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a similar programme when Europe’s borders were opened to more than one million Middle Eastern and African migrants three years ago.

The current plan is to hire 100 refugees to be placed with 25 trucking companies in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Applicants will be screened for residency rights, work permits and language skills. A refugee representative will support the trainees, and it is hoped the first drivers will be ready to take to the roads in August.

What do you think? Imaginative solution or risky idea?

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  1. And what is Germany doing for its own long term unemployed citizens who would like to train to be truck drivers?

  2. Brilliant, another scheme to drive down wages! The solution is to pay decent salaries and recruit youngsters into the industry instead we have greedy companies offering poor pay and conditions. Some truck drivers in the UK are earning only just above minimum wage.


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