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Drivers urged to watch their behaviour on the roads

Drivers urged to watch their behaviour on the roads

HGV drivers are perhaps the best judge of any changes in cyclists’ and motorists’ behaviour since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Have you seen any improvements?

In a new AA poll, just 21% of the 19,700 drivers questioned felt cars are being driven better, with only 10% acknowledging an improvement in how cyclists use the road.

In comparison, a quarter (25%) of road users said car drivers and cyclists are behaving worse than before the outbreak.

Although there was considerably less traffic at the start of the UK lockdown at the end of March, we’ve seen an increasing number of vehicles on the road in recent weeks.

However, AA president Edmund King suggested that the quieter roads can prompt some drivers to break the law. “Less traffic doesn’t mean that drivers should start drag-racing at traffic lights, dangerously overtaking others or ignoring the speed limits,” he warned.

Those concerns appear to be well founded, with police forces across the country reporting an increase in speeding during the coronavirus lockdown.

He also cautioned against cyclists “[pretending] they’re in the Tour de France and [ignoring] mini-roundabouts and stop signs”.

King urged drivers to “have patience with others, slow down and keep our distance”, with the easing of the lockdown restrictions set to mean there are more people out exercising on their bikes and on foot.

In slightly better news, 25% of the respondents in the AA survey said pedestrians are behaving better than before the pandemic, while 12% agree that HGV drivers are showing better road behaviour.

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