Driving Licence Check Tool

Check my own driving licence

This free online driving licence check tool will allow you to check your licence against the DVLA database and show you all your driving records, penalty points and disqualifications.

Using this tool you can create a licence “check code” to share it with your rental company, employer or car hire company.

Make sure you have the following details with you:

How to use our driving licence check tool?

  • Keep the details of your driving licence ready mentioned above.
  • Select the button below named “View my Driving Licence”.
  • You will be redirected to official DVLA services, click on “Start now”
  • Enter your driving licence number, National Insurance number and postcode into the relevant fields, tick the consent box and click “View now”
  • There are four tabs towards the top of the page, click on the right-hand tab titled “Share your licence information”
  • Click on create a code in case you want to share the code with someone.


Check Someone else’s driving licence

This tool will allow you to check the driving licence details of someone else. To use this tool you will need a “One Time code” from your employee or rental customer to check the validity of a licence.

This page will help you to check any endorsements and disqualifications and verify them.

To use this tool you will need:

  •  8 digit character of driving licence you want to check for
  • A check code from the driver

Note: The tool redirects you to the official page of DVLA services. Viewing any detail of a person without their permission may lead to a criminal offence.