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Dude, where’s my trailer?

Dude, where’s my trailer?

There are some rules of the road every truck driver knows: 1) Stay focused 2) Leave enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead 3) Get enough sleep between stops, and 4) Don’t lose your trailer. I’m not even joking.

Trailer tracking makes it easier to keep track of your trailer – particularly useful if you’ve parked it in a high-theft area.

But there’s more to this technology than just loss prevention. By connecting to the Internet of Things, a trailer tracking device can provide data to feed a fleet management system. And that means data just got big.

As well as tracking the whereabouts of said trailer, big data can provide analytics to enhance everything from trailer utilisation and maintenance to productivity and dwell time. This is precisely the stuff clients want to see, meaning the boss is happy (music to everyone’s ears).

But more to the point, trailer technology means you will never again find yourself wandering around a trailer park searching for your trailer amongst the hundreds of others parked there. (Let’s not talk about stress levels when you’re trying to do this in the dark). A simple click of a button and there it is, safe and sound, exactly where you left it.

I’m all for making life easier. Is trailer tracking something you’d like to see more of? Let us know in the comments.

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