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Electric trucks are coming

Electric trucks are coming

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Think what you want about electric trucks, but they are the future. They have to be.

According to the European Climate Foundation and Cambridge Econometrics, changing the entire European Union’s fleet of trucks from diesel-powered to electric and hydrogen-powered could save up to 11 billion barrels of oil by 2050.

The report, backed by Tesla Inc., Volvo AB and Siemens AG, supports the idea that a shift towards zero-emission trucks can spur consistent economic growth over the next 30 years.

Currently, Europe imports around 89% of its oil, the majority of which is used for transport fuel.

The European Commission has said that emissions will grow 10% by 2030 if trucks do not become more efficient. At the moment, commercial trucks make up less than 5% of all road vehicles, yet contribute 22% of EU transport emissions.

With emissions targets to meet, manufacturers have been working hard to come up with solutions. However, while the need to reduce pollution is a major consideration, so too is freight infrastructure and range. The report estimates around 140 billion euros will have to be spent on new energy infrastructure before the European fleet can be emission-free.

Greener trucks are the future, but the change needs to be gradual.

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