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Europe leading the way in autonomous vehicles

Europe leading the way in autonomous vehicles

According to MEPs in the European Parliament’s transport committee, the EU should be moving forward with driverless vehicle technology to avoid being left behind by the US and China.

European People’s Party MEP Wim van de Camp, stressed the importance of the EU keeping up with automated vehicle technology, stating: “Silicon Valley thinks that they are in pole position.

But the EU automotive industry can work on a par with them, if not take the lead itself. Europe needs to get away from its inferiority complex.”

A study carried out two years ago revealed that 94% of traffic incidents are the result of human error. For many, driverless technology can help reduce that figure.

However, for many the technology raises other issues such as road safety, data protection, loss of jobs, and greater road congestion.

Don’t take this personally Wim, but I’m hoping your quest for parliamentary support on this one falls short. And I don’t think I’m alone…

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