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Farrall’s Group impressed with the Scania CNG HGV trial

Farrall's Group impressed with Scania CNG HGV trial

Farrall’s Group and Knauf Insulation have been working with CNG Fuels UK to trial a Scania Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) HGV to see how a greener fuel alternative would help reduce their carbon footprint. 

The vehicle was trialled throughout January & February on Farrall’s Groups’ South Wales operation dedicated to Knauf Insulation. 

The results of the trial proved that they would see a 90% reduction in CO2 produced per truck per annum. 

As a result, Farrall’s Group is planning to order its first batch of CNG vehicles to be fully operational in 2023.

‘Results from the Scania CNG trial’

Farrall’s Group managing director, Matthew Farrall, said: “We’ve been amazed by the results from the Scania CNG trial and seeing the reduction in carbon emissions they could offer on our fleet.

“CNG vehicles would be ideal to first be implemented into our Knauf Insulation contract, as part of our joint continuous improvement programme within the supply chain.”

He added: “We are always reviewing ways in which we can improve our carbon footprint and be smarter in how we operate, transitioning to CNG fuel would appear to be the next logical step in this journey.”

‘UK’s largest insulation manufacturer’

Mike Gabriel, the supply chain director at Knauf Insulation, said: “As the UK’s largest insulation manufacturer, our products play a key role in reducing the nation’s carbon emissions. 

“Our glass mineral wool already contains the lowest embodied carbon of any mainstream insulation material. 

“Working with Farrall’s Group to move towards a CNG-fuelled fleet will help us to further reduce the environmental impact of our products, so we can deliver on the commitments we’ve made in our ‘For A Better World’ sustainability strategy.”

Scania takes part in the hydrogen truck project

Meanwhile, Scania has revealed that it is currently working on a project to develop 20 fuel cell electric trucks with Cummins Inc to run on green hydrogen in its HyTrucks project.

Scania has been part of various development projects for hydrogen technologies to gain insights in recent years, though a fully battery-powered truck remains Scania’s main strategy because they provide a higher uptime and improved costs per km.

The project’s fuel cell electric trucks will be built on Scania’s battery electric vehicle platform and will leverage Cummins’ PEM fuel cell systems and hydrogen fuelling and storage solutions. 

Once Cummins has added fuel cells to the trucks, the 20 trucks will be delivered to HyTrucks in 2024, a jointly created initiative project in the Netherlands run by Air Liquide and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Fredrik Allard, the head of E-Mobility, said: “We have been clear that battery electric is what we see as the main track for all applications. 

“That said, we are open to what our customers want with regards to other solutions, like hydrogen.”

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