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Fast-growing Zeus backloading solution to benefit hauliers

A digital offering from Zeus will benefit hauliers with an easy backloading solution – and prompt payment.

There’s a fast-growing backloading solution available that will benefit hauliers in the UK – and they pay on delivery!

The platform is called Zeus and has been founded by Jai Kanwar and Clemente Theotokis who say they aim to reduce the industry average of 30% of trucks running empty to just 5%.

Using Zeus also means that:

  • Hauliers improve their cash flow without waiting for payment
  • There are no transaction fees
  • They avoid running on empty with an efficient backload allocation system
  • No more wasting fuel with an empty truck
  • There are no documents – everything is digital to reduce complexity and confusion
  • A loyalty scheme to enjoy discounts on premium tyres – and more!

Digital freight software

Jai Kanwar told FleetSpeak “We knew when we launched that we were not the first to come up with a digital freight software. However, that gave us an advantage as we could learn from their mistakes. 

“The biggest mistake we found was that no other digital freight company cares enough about their hauliers. 

“At Zeus, we don’t see our hauliers as customers of Zeus, we see them as part of our company – hence why we wanted to launch our loyalty programme, not only to incentivise new hauliers to join our community but more as a gesture to our hauliers emphasising how important they are for everyone.”

Hauliers get paid very well at Zeus

Clemente Theotokis adds: “At Zeus, hauliers get paid very well for the jobs they do with us, and together with our amazing loyalty programme, there are no doubts around the perks of using Zeus over other competitors out there. 

“We are able to connect small owner-operators with large third-party logistics firms through our Instapay function.

“Paying our hauliers upon verification of proof of delivery takes away their cashflow issues with regards to long payment terms, a massive incentive and benefit for hauliers.”

How much can a haulier make using Zeus?

In answer to the question, ‘How much can a haulier make in a year using the Zeus platform?’, Jai says: “To give a ballpark figure, benchmarking our rates to industry-standard rates, we are well above 15% of what the market pays its hauliers. 

“Although, it’s not always about how much a haulier can make by using the Zeus platform, it’s also about how much a haulier can SAVE by using Zeus.”

Clemente adds: “Reducing empty miles saves your costs. Reducing the headcount needed for manual administration saves your costs. And being part of our loyalty programme saves your costs!”

Zeus loyalty scheme for hauliers

The Zeus loyalty scheme offers hauliers up to 50% discount on premium tyres, and vouchers for truck stops for truck washing and maintenance, plus help to pay for the driver’s shower and accommodation, as well as their food and drink.

The response from UK truckers has been strong – and a demonstration of what the platform can do, and its ease of use, has impressed just about everyone who checks out the Zeus platform.

The firm’s customer success manager, Nizam Uddin, said: “From the inception of Zeus, our number one priority has been to improve the lives and business health of each and every one of our hauliers. 

“We recognise that in this industry they are a critical success factor that Zeus considers a very high priority, and because of this we have devised a market-leading loyalty programme that is specifically tailored to the key aspects of an owner-operator’s working life.”

Jai adds: “We want to formalise our position in the UK market as the number one digital freight company for FTL. With that growth, we are also looking to expand into our territories, not only across Europe, but also on other continents where the trucking market is heavily fragmented, and where we see technology can reap an enormous number of benefits. 

“It’s always hard to try and predict where we will be in the future, but what I can say for sure, is that we will still be here to reduce inefficiencies, and to help and build trust with our awesome hauliers. The sky is the limit for Zeus.”

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