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Female truckers – on a road and app near you

Female truckers – on a road and app near you

There was a time when it was highly unusual to see a woman behind the wheel of a truck. Today, there are more women at the helm of big rigs. But scroll through social media and you may realise there are more female truckers than you thought.

Female truckers have taken to social media to show viewers what life is like for them on the road. And while viewers may have come initially for the novelty factor, they are sticking around to hear the solid advice and to be part of the communities these women are offering.

Brittney Richardson

Brittney Richardson is one of the top female trucking social media celebrities right now. Richardson’s videos give viewers a glimpse of some of the daily challenges she and many other truckers face on the road – from weather emergencies and mechanical problems to traffic stops and cooking on the road. Drivers in the US can spot her driving her distinctive bright pink Volvo.

Follow Brittney on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@BrittneyInPink).

Pinkie Dabney

Pinkie Dabney runs the YouTube channel Keeping it 100 Experiences, providing viewers with useful trucking tips, motivational messages and fitness advice. Tune in to hear her talk about topics as diverse as sexual frustration as a female trucker to working out in a truckstop shower.

Check out some of her videos now.

Nic and Carla


This married couple’s YouTube channel takes viewers with them on their journey as truck drivers. Nic and Carla’s videos aim to give an insight into their lives with videos ranging from the Worst night for a trucking rookie to Common mistakes new truck drivers make.

Their website tells us to ‘focus on what makes YOU happy and make the best out of every situation you are in’. See what they’re all about on YouTube and Facebook.


Angelica Larsson

Angelica Larsson is a relative newcomer to YouTube (she’s only been uploading video since August this year), but has already attracted plenty of subscribers. Dubbed the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Truck Driver’, Angelica would much rather be known for her driving skills than her physical appearance. 

She doesn’t have many videos online yet, but you can follow her on her first day behind the wheel or see her carrying out a daily truck check. With plenty more videos to come…

Check out Angelica’s YouTube channel for more.

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