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Finding lorry driver jobs and HGV driving jobs near me

Finding lorry driver jobs and HGV driving jobs near me

Getting a new job, whether that is an HGV driver job, a lorry driver job or something entirely different is always a challenge. Not just the application process but just finding job opportunities near you can be quite tricky. Here are a few tips on how to find truck driver jobs in your area.

Experiment with terminology

First of all, there is a range of ways companies might be describing the job you’re looking for. Think for instance about the use of lorry, truck, HGV, etc. So when you’re using search engines like Google or the search function on a job site, make sure you try out the different variations. Also think about search terms that are slightly wider than just the job such as transport, logistics, haulage, etc. 

Secondly, do the same for the location. Try out your city but also your county. Don’t forget to do a search for jobs within the nearest big city. A transport company might be based in Birmingham but the job itself is focused within a certain area of the Midlands. 

Playing around with keywords will make you find some hidden gems and perhaps some jobs that others haven’t found yet – giving you a higher chance of getting through than those jobs that appear at the top of generic search results.

Sign up to job boards

If you’re looking for a job, no doubt you will have scanned the various relevant job boards. But even if you don’t see a relevant job at the moment, still create an account or sign up for the job board’s newsletter. 

This way you’ll be the first to know when a new job gets added and you might receive advertising from big fleets that are always on the lookout for new drivers. Advertising can be a very annoying thing but sometimes it can also lead you to some interesting opportunities – which is the case when job searching.

One very prominent website to look for jobs in is Jooble.

Join Facebook groups

Did you know there are a lot of Facebook groups dedicated to HGV jobs and jobs in the transport sector? Just search (using the right keywords!) for the different groups and pages on Facebook, join the group or like the page and stay up-to-date on any jobs that get posted there.

Find and contact local companies

Through Google and Google Maps you’ll be able to find out what transport companies are based in your area. Even if they’re not actively advertising driver vacancies, they might still have some. Many transport companies don’t use the internet to promote job opportunities. 

Think beyond pure haulage companies and look at any bigger businesses that need transport – from furniture stores to contractors.

Let people know you’re looking

When you’re in a current job, this might be a tricky one but if you’re not employed at the moment – let as many people as possible know that you’re in the market for a new lorry driving job. 

You never know whose cousin or neighbour will bring up the fact they’re looking for a lorry driver. By letting everyone know you’re available, you’re using the full power of your network and are maximising your chances of someone flagging an HGV driving opportunity to you.

Good luck with your search! Don’t give up, I’m sure you’ll find something soon.

In the meantime, have a look at Fleet Speak’s job board.

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