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Fleet accidents are the result of work-related stress

Fleet accidents are the result of work-related stress

Stress created in the workplace is the main reason fleet drivers have accidents on the road. This is according to research by vehicle technology company Lightfoot which revealed that 12% of fleet drivers cite work-related stress as the main reason for having an accident.

The findings also showed that 12% blame phone calls made while driving, and 4% blame work emails.

Mark Roberts, founder and CEO of Lightfoot said that this research should act as a “red flag” for all businesses operating fleet vehicles.

As Roberts explained: “Policies need to be in place to reduce unreasonable pressure on drivers as businesses have a duty of care to their staff. If they fail in this respect, there could be serious consequences for both employees and businesses.”

He continued: “All too often, staff are under pressure to get to a client, customer or meeting in unrealistic time-frames.” This leads to stress and speeding, which in turn can lead to an accident.

“With one in three road deaths involving a vehicle being driven for work,” explained Roberts, “this is an issue that fleet managers need to take seriously.”

How stressed do you feel behind the wheel?

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