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Fleet Speak donates 250 PPE kits to drivers in need

Fleet Speak donates 250 PPE kits to drivers in need

We listen to our readers. After our interview with a lorry driver who confirmed that transport companies are not providing any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we wanted to do something to help. That is why Fleet Speak will be donating 250 PPE kits to drivers in need over the next few weeks. 

What’s included in the PPE kits? 

In every PPE kit, you’ll find three disposable face masks, three pairs of disposable gloves, and three mini alcohol pads that you’ll be able to use to sanitise and disinfect your phone to keep it clean from cross-contamination. All protective equipment will be sealed in a plastic bag. 

How many PPE kits will we donate? 

Fleet Speak will be donating 250 PPE kits with three items of protective equipment in every kit, totaling 2,250 items to protect drivers from COVID-19. 

Who can receive the PPE kits? 

We would like to help as many people as possible, but our main focus is to help truck drivers that don’t have access to Personal Protective Equipment and are sharing a lorry with other people. 

How can drivers apply? 

You can apply here. You’ll be asked to answer a few questions and, if selected,  we will send your kit to your home.

This is only one of the initiatives we are putting in place with #LoveLogistics to try and show our appreciation for truck drivers during this pandemic. We hope you stay safe as much as you can. 

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