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Fleets can now pay the tyne tunnel toll cash-free!

tyne tunnel toll

Drivers visiting through the Tyne Tunnels are no longer obligated to use cash as a primary source to pay the toll fare. The Tyne Tunnel toll has transformed into a cashless open road tolling called the ‘Tyne Pass.’

The Tyne Pass will allow the drivers to pass straight through the tunnel without stopping by at a toll to pay the fare for cars, vans & busses. The use of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System will be considered to record the vehicle’s number plates throughout the toll field.

Small vehicles will still have to pay the fare, such as motorcycles, but Tyne tunnel users are no longer obligated to pay the fare at the toll plaza. This is precise because of the newly introduced payment options such as the pre-paid top-up accounts or after journey payments through an online portal over a smartphone or at a PayPoint found in dollar stores around the country.

Motorists will no longer have to stop at the toll plaza while using the tunnel area between Jarrow, South Tyneside, Howdon and North Tyneside and can drive straight through the tunnel onto the main highway, optimizing this way will help improve the journey by reducing excessive time and emissions.

Editorial Suggestion: We suggest you pay the fare by midnight the day after using the Tyne Tunnel. If not, drivers have to face an unwanted fine of £30 plus a toll-free fee if not paid within 14 days raising to £60 if not paid within 24 days.

Disability Blue Badge holders will be exempt from the charge.

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Tyne Tunnel toll charges

Motorbike Disability Blue Badge holdersFree
Car, Van or Bus below 3.5 tonnes GW£1.90
LGV, Van or Bus above 3.5 tonnes GW£3.70

Tyne Tunnel toll payment options

Let’s explore the spectrum of fare payment options offered by using tyne tunnel under the new Tyne Pass system.

Pre-paid top-up

If you are a regular user of the tyne tunnel, the pre-paid top-up system might be the best option to pay the fare. All the vehicle type drivers will also get a 10% discount by creating a Tyne Tunnel Pass Pre-paid account. Click here to create your own Tyne Tunnel Pre-paid account.

You can top-up your account by going on the official tyne tunnel online top-up portal or using their customer service number – 0191 574 0030. Customers can also download the app on their iPhone or Android to do their account top-ups.

Pay later options

Tyne Tunnel customers will now have an option to choose to pay after they complete their journey. They have up until midnight the day after their trip to pay.

Payment can be made online here, or you can also call at – 0191 574 0030, and at PayPoint located in shops around the country. You can head over here to find the PayPoint near your locality. PayPoint is the only option to pay the Tyne Tunnel fares if a customer wants to remunerate in cash.

Customers can also use the option to pay the tyne tunnel tolls after their journey through the tunnel within 24 hours.

One time payments

You can also pay a one time fare to avoid multiple payments of tyne tunnel tolls. In this case, there’s a plan to pay one time payments for up to 10 trips valid up to a whole year. The payments are made through an online portal or using a PayPoint.

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