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Former dealer technician returns to buy his own Volvo truck

Volvo FH trucks enjoy a triumphant return to Owens Group fleet with

Ten years after completing his apprenticeship at Thomas Hardie Commercials, Sam Archer, has taken delivery of his first new truck in five years.

Sam is now a director of Fleetwood-based Archway Haulage and is pictured above with his new Volvo FH 500 Globetrotter Lite 6×2 tractor unit.

The FH 500 Globetrotter Lite is set to be followed over the coming months by two further FHs and an FE rigid – all supplied through Thomas Hardie Commercials in Preston.

‘I love the product, you can’t beat it ‘

Sam said: “Cut me in half, and you’d see Volvo runs through me. I love the product, you can’t beat it – and I say that having had the rare opportunity to both work in my local dealership, and now be a customer. 

“It’s a first-class product, and the backup from the dealership is as good as it gets.”

He left his role in the dealership’s workshop in 2014 to jointly run the family bus and coach hire operation with his father.

Firm has grown steadily over the past five years

The firm has grown steadily over the past five years but, sadly, Sam’s dad passed away this summer after a very short and sudden battle with cancer.

However, he is recognised with a heartfelt message on the cab of the new Volvo.

Sam said: “We grew the business bit by bit together, and now we’re taking delivery of four brand new trucks, all in the space of a few months. 

“The first FH looks absolutely fantastic, and the driver loves it. It’s just such a shame Dad’s not here to be part of it.”

Volvo FH is designed to achieve the maximum possible payload

The Volvo FH is designed to achieve the maximum possible payload thanks to a range of specification changes to reduce unladen weight, including the fitment of mono leaf front springs, as opposed to twin leaves, aluminium air tanks, aluminium Susie arch, aluminium fifth wheel and aluminium wheels. 

The FH truck also uses a lightweight pusher axle on 17.5-inch wheels, together with a lightweight drive axle.

The first new vehicle will operate with a Fruehauf bulk tipping trailer and be used to deliver aggregates nationwide, covering up to 120,000km a year. 

It benefits from a full DVS system, tipping gear, light bars, beacons and a colour coordinated front grille – fitted in-house by the Archway team.

Comprehensive three-year Volvo Gold Contract

Thomas Hardie Commercials will maintain the new truck under a comprehensive three-year Volvo Gold Contract, guaranteeing the maximum possible uptime which includes all preventive maintenance and truck repairs.

That means that the family-run Archway Haulage will have full cost control, worry-free ownership

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