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Foundation Packaging lays base for success with FUSO Canter

Foundation Packaging firm lays base for future success with FUSO Canter from Northside Truck & Van.

When Foundation Packaging contacted its local Mercedes Trucks dealer to enquire about its next FUSO Canter – they were delighted to be told a new curtainside-bodied vehicle could be delivered the following week!

That’s because Northside Truck & Van had commissioned the 7.5-tonner for its own demonstration fleet but was happy to let the vehicle go to its new customer instead. 

Like other members of the Mercedes Truck dealer network in Britain, Northside also sells and supports the Canter light truck range, as FUSO is also part of the global Daimler Truck family.

Established in 1999, Foundation Packaging is currently in the process of moving into a new warehouse at Flixborough, near Scunthorpe, that will add another 26,000 sq ft of storage space to support its continued growth. 

Two other 7.5-tonne Canters

Foundation Packaging operates two other 7.5-tonne Canters, one a 2018 example, the other a year older, both of which it acquired from private sources. 

The company’s first Canter, a 64-registered model which it purchased from Northside with 140,000 miles ‘on the clock’ three years ago, was taken back by the dealer in part-exchange against the new one.

Foundation’s warehouse and logistics manager, Lee Arthur, said: “We’ve remained very busy throughout the pandemic and had put another 130,000 miles on the original Canter. 

“It had always been exceptionally reliable and certainly didn’t owe us anything.”

He added: “But the time was right for us to stand down that vehicle, and the fact that Northside was prepared to provide us with a new and competitively priced replacement at such short notice, was a real bonus.”

Supply food service manufacturers and resellers

The Doncaster-based firm now runs three Canters, and a couple of vans, which it uses to supply food service manufacturers and resellers located throughout the North of England with a comprehensive range of solutions, including takeaway containers, wrappings and storage products.

The subject of a tax-efficient finance lease from Mercedes-Benz Finance, the latest truck is the first that Foundation Packaging has acquired from new. 

Their Canter 7C15 employs a 3.0-litre common-rail turbodiesel that produces 150 hp and an impressive 370 Nm of torque.

Its 20ft curtainside body, which can accommodate 10 pallets, was built in Manchester by Alloy Bodies – like Northside Truck & Van, the bodybuilder is owned by the Anderson Group of transport-related businesses.

7.5-tonne Canter’s appeal for Foundation Packaging

Key to the 7.5-tonne Canter’s appeal for Foundation Packaging are its compact footprint and agility, and its market-leading carrying capacity – thanks in part to its light but sturdy ladder-frame chassis.

The vehicle offers a combined body and payload allowance of around 5.0 tonnes, which is approximately one tonne more than some of its more traditional competitors.

Mr Arthur said: “I love our FUSO trucks and so do my colleagues, who find them very easy to drive.

“Some of our palletised products – brown paper bags, for example – are pretty heavy, so the vehicle’s high payload is a big advantage in terms of productivity.”

He added: “”We make a high proportion of our deliveries to customers on inner city industrial estates and other urban locations. 

“The Canter is not as physically big as most other 7.5-tonners and is highly manoeuvrable with a very tight turning circle.”

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