Fuel Calculator

Fuel Calculator: Fuel prices keep changing. Time for a fuel cost calculator…

This calculator can estimate the cost of the fuel, depending on the information given. Please fill in the information and select the fuel type, mileage, & mpg for the best results.

To calculate how much a journey will cost in fuel, please provide the miles covered, the estimated MPG for your vehicle, and your petrol price in pence.

To calculate the cost of your total fuel covered in your journey, you need to provide the Fuel Cost (In Pence), Miles & Miles Per Gallon (MPG) to get the desirable results

1. Enter fuel cost:

To find what Miles Per Gallon (MPG) you will get, please provide your fuel cost depending on your region. e.g. Fuel cost might be 97.9 & the amount of distance covered might be 90 miles.

2. Set your Miles

Here you can provide how much distance you are going to cover in Miles. to calculate the overall fuel intake cost and an estimate MPG along the journey.

3. Enter mpg

To convert the given litres per 100KM into Miles Per Gallon (MPG), Please provide the required value in the box. e.g. To calculate the equivalent MPG value for 6L/100KM, you should enter ‘7’ in the text box and click convert.

Fleet Speak fuel calculator uses the given data to calculate the cost of your trip. With the help of this tool, you can budget your fuel costs in the months ahead if you drive the vehicle 1,000 miles a month. Besides, it will show you potential savings on fuel costs.
Though ‘pence per litre” is pre-filled, you can change this by using accurate petrol or diesel cost for your area. Once entering the mileage for the routes you drive, simply enter the details above to check the fuel costs.
Are you interested in knowing your vehicle’s fuel economy?

Your fuel cost results:
Total fuel cost: £ {{fuelcost()}}
Gallons of Fuel Consumed: {{fuelconsumed()}}
Litres of fuel: {{fuelcost()}}
Fuel price used for this calculation: {{PencePerLitre}} pence per litre
Mpg used for this calculation: {{mpg}} mpg
Ever wondered how much your trip to transit the goods costs you? Or, how much money you will burn to go from the pickup and drop destinations in miles? Or maybe you are just curious about how litres per mile can be seen compared to the typical MPG?

Well, no need to wonder now! We serve you the best and free of cost calculators you can use to get the desired information and ideas as a bonus to improve your overall driving knowledge and save costs on your journeys.

Note: If you see any problem regarding calculations, please make sure your javascript is enabled. By pressing the ‘F1’ Key on your keyboard, you can find how.

How Mileage & Fuel Cost Calculator Works?

Driving can become expensive when you need to drive regularly and long distances. The fuel cost calculator uses the regional fuel price and the vehicle data to calculate the overall cost required to complete the transited journey.

If your daily drive distance is 10 miles or you hit 1,000 miles per month, our calculator will certainly help you budget the estimated costs months ahead and potentially save money.

You can use the UK’s fuel price pre-filled with pence per litre or change accordingly to get the most desirable and accurate petrol/diesel costs. For MPG, you can enter your mpg or find your running costs data sets.

After entering the required information in the text box, click view results to see the fuel costs.