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Gamer turns trucker

Gamer turns trucker

Simulator games are designed to resemble real life as accurately as possible. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) is the current daddy of the genre and it isn’t short of fans.

With players drawn to the ever-growing selection of trucks and an in-game world that spans 16 European countries, it boasts a devoted online community.

However, one fan has taken his love of the game one step further and made driving a truck his day job.

No longer content with driving a virtual big rig, taking in the virtual scenery, making virtual deliveries and boosting his virtual skills, Zdenko Martinovic from Sarajevo in Bosnia has qualified as a truck driver in real life too.

You’re not likely to get many truckers relaxing in front of a game of ETS 2 – too much like a busman’s holiday. But when Zdenko isn’t driving a 40-tonne rig across Europe, guess what he’s doing. Playing ETS2, what else?

Find out more about Zdenko here.

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