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Gearmate joins #LoveLogistics and develops ventilators to assists the COVID-19 crisis

Gearmate joins #LoveLogistics and develops ventilators to assists the COVID-19 crisis


We are all living through unprecedented times, the global pandemic is turning people’s lives upside down. Thousands of businesses have been tragically affected by the pandemic, therefore it’s important for businesses to support each other, so we can all reach the light at the end of the tunnel! That’s why we’re thrilled to be on board with the #LoveLogistics campaign. We want to help show appreciation for a sector that has gone under-appreciated for their essential work throughout the whole of this pandemic, we thank you for you what you do!

 The team at Gearmate have had to adjust and change aspects of the way we work since the pandemic started; however, we are fortunate enough to have a workspace which is spacious enough to allow the team to work safely. We are a small team who are passionate about doing whatever we can to help, in this case, we were delighted to work on a project that allowed us to have a positive input in the midst of a global pandemic.

The sudden impact of COVID-19 resulted in a global shortage of ventilators, the equipment quickly became the difference between life and death for patients falling severely ill from the respiratory disease. Therefore, Gearmate and our parent company PNJ Engineering were proud to work in conjunction with Gtech in Worcester, in developing their new Ventilator to assist with the global crisis.

Our team at Gearmate had to prove how quickly we can react during a crisis, therefore with everyone pulled together, we managed to develop and create a ventilator in just 10 days!

Our fantastic team of engineers showed their versatility and skills to switch projects, utilising our world class machinery for swift production. We are very proud to have fought in the fight against COVID-19.

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