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Goodyear launches new fuel efficient Fuelmax Endurance tyres

Goodyear has unveiled new versatile and fuel-efficient tyres called Fuelmax Endurance that promise to be hard wearing.

Goodyear has launched a new fuel-efficient and versatile range of tyres called Fuelmax Endurance that they promise will be hard-wearing and deliver low emissions.

The range of steer and drive axle tyres will offer a solution for logistics and transport companies who regularly use motorways and A-roads.

The new range of tyres will also support truck manufacturers and haulage fleets in the UK and across Europe to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Goodyear says the tyres will combine the fuel efficiency levels from long-haul applications with the traction, durability and mileage that are required to drive on motorways and A-roads.

The range of tyres will be its most fuel-efficient

The tyre manufacturer states that their range of tyres will be the most fuel-efficient and versatile that they have ever produced.

Gregory Boucharlat, the vice-president Commercial Europe for Goodyear, said; “Vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers and operators are under increasing pressure to meet sustainability targets whilst operating on low margins. 

“Regulators, investors and end-customers are demanding ‘clean’ products being transported in the most sustainable way. To support a real move towards a climate-neutral future in a highly complex environment like transportation, green and efficient operations need to go hand-in-hand, without adding complexity.”

He added: “With the new Fuelmax Endurance, we bring the fuel efficiency known in motorway operations to A- and B-roads. It’s efficient and hard-wearing, offering low emissions and excellent grip as well as long-lasting performance and mileage.

“With this new product line, we wanted to bridge the gap between sustainability and reality in daily operations.”

Help haulage firms move towards sustainable transport

Goodyear also says they have developed the new range in a bid to help truck manufacturers and haulage firms move towards more sustainable transport.

The firm also says that until their new line of tyres was unveiled, haulage firms had to choose between either excellent fuel efficiency, strong mileage performance or durability when choosing tyres.

They say that the new fuel Max endurance line will help make that choice easier for those fleet managers who are looking for fuel and cost efficiencies – and their choice will no longer be restricted by the type of road they usually operate on.

The range could be a gamechanger within the tyre and haulage industry, as it is efficient and hard-wearing – and offers low emissions, excellent mileage and traction.

Goodyear says that a reduction of 2% in CO2 emissions translates into a saving of about 1 tonne of CO2 and 400 litres (88 gallons) of fuel per truck, per year. 

They have calculated that if a 100-vehicle fleet switches from a C-label to a fuel-efficient B-label tyre like Fuelmax Endurance, this would represent a potential saving of 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 40,000 litres (8,800 gallons) of fuel, per year.

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