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Goodyear teams up with ZF for fleet management

Goodyear teams up with ZF for fleet management

Tyre maker Goodyear and global tech firm ZF have teamed up to offer a connected fleet and tyre management platform for trailer and commercial truck operators.

The strategic tie-up brings together Total Mobility from Goodyear, and ZF’s branded ‘Fleet Management Solutions’ (FMS).

This means there’s an expanded suite of data-driven fleet and time management solutions to help transport companies enjoy a one-stop solution.

Goodyear says they should enable more sustainable and efficient operations.

Complexity linked to demanding fleet operations

The vice-president of Goodyear in Europe, Grégory Boucharlat, said: “The turnkey proposition proposed by Goodyear addresses the growing complexity that is linked to demanding fleet operations.

“It will enable operators to remain agile and make informed decisions that will promote economic driving, improve vehicle uptime and help extend the service life of assets and tyres.”

He added that fleets will also enjoy improved customer service and delivery management based on the integrated fleet dataset that will deliver actionable insights.

The move follows the ‘total mobility value’ proposition unveiled by Goodyear in 2019.

Time monitoring and management insights

That offered time monitoring and management insights that would help mount the right tyres that are suitable for operations, as well as retreading and planning proactive maintenance.

Now, the Goodyear tyre pressure monitoring system with its proprietary algorithm will help provide a real-time alert on tyre condition and help prevent up to, the firm says, 90% of all tyre-related breakdowns.

The new offering will be flexible and bring customers a solution that will meet their needs.

It will also offer simplification with just one hardware offering and an integrated dashboard for vehicle, tyre and cargo management data analysis.

Help with fact-based decision-making

It will also save time, the firms say, by helping with fact-based decision-making and delivering actionable insights to prevent truck downtime.

The offering will also help plan proactive maintenance and boost the customer experience.

Transport firms will have just one telematics device and there’s no need to worry about dealing with multiple device suppliers or having technology that’s incompatible.

At the heart of the offering is TX-Trailerpulse from ZF Transics that will control and channel the data.

Operations have been made simpler

This means that firms won’t have to invest as much in hardware and find their operations have been made simpler.

For their part, Goodyear says that under-inflating a tyre by just one bar can mean higher fuel costs of £775 per year, per vehicle.

That’s why, the firms say, that the tyre pressure monitoring system will pay for itself.

And by using TX-Connect from ZF, firms will enjoy a web-based solution that will display and manage real-time information from their fleet.

Designed for dispatchers and fleet managers

ZF says its offering is designed for dispatchers and fleet managers with real-time information from a vehicle’s departure to its arrival.

Using the software, fleets can track their vehicle and manage routes, and also check any live traffic information to help boost performance.

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