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Goodyear unveils its new tyre pressure monitoring system – DrivePoint

Goodyear unveils its new tyre pressure monitoring system – DrivePoint

The new DrivePoint tyre pressure monitoring system for trailers and HGVs from Goodyear is, the firm says, user-friendly.

This is the third alternative for firms wanting to monitor tyre pressure and joins their ‘Total Mobility’ portfolio alongside the ‘drive-over-reader’ smart tyre system and the TPMS system.

Goodyear says that maintaining tyres is a daily challenge for many commercial HGV fleets.

That’s because qualified personnel, along with admin support need to plan and carry out tyre maintenance and this takes time.

The process also leads to human error and HGVs will be unproductive while in the yard and the tyre maintenance is taking place.

Goodyear DrivePoint

The answer is the Goodyear DrivePoint, which they say is an accurate and automated way of checking tyre pressures accurately whenever a truck enters the yard.

Essentially, the DrivePoint system is a yard-based tyre inspection offering that allows for automated tyre pressure measurements.

It is easily installed with battery-powered wireless technology and is ideal for those fleets with trucks returning frequently to base.

And when combined with their user-friendly web and mobile applications, the DrivePoint system offers an instant display of a truck’s tyre health for proactive maintenance and monitoring of a fleet.

The hardware involved is simple and proven and consists of just two elements:

There’s a receiver for tyre data processing and collection

An on-valve tyre sensor that’s easy to fit.

Instant tyre pressure monitoring

The on-valve sensor delivers instant tyre pressure monitoring and simply screws onto the valve with no need to remove tyres (though the outer tyre of dual tyres will need to be removed for the sensor to be installed).

It’s also a weather-resistant technology with the battery delivering up to three years of performance.

Goodyear says that their DrivePoint on-valve sensors will fit all tyre brands and tyre sizes.

Also, the design of the sensor allows for the inflation of the tyre without having to remove the sensor first.

Goodyear DrivePoint receivers 

The Goodyear DrivePoint receivers are sensors that are placed in the yard to read and then analyse the data sent from the sensor.

This data is then transferred to the Goodyear Cloud using a mobile phone network.

The receivers can be installed easily at any location and since the technology is wireless, there’s no need to have an electrical power supply installed or carry out the expensive groundwork.

Again, the DrivePoint receivers are weather resistant.

The managing director of Goodyear’s proactive solutions and fleet, Alberto Villarreal, said: “With DrivePoint, tyre pressure checks take just seconds to perform. Regular checks help to increase uptime whilst maximising fuel efficiency and reducing a fleet’s carbon footprint. 

“In addition to our other advanced and predictive solutions, it’s an easy to install solution that will meet the needs of many operators who want to maximize their fleets’ uptime while reducing their operating costs.”

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