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Guide to truck tyre regrooving

Guide to truck tyre regrooving

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The combination of regular maintenance, the right usage, and durable casings means truck tyres last longer and can have multiple lives. 

Regrooving is the process of carving out the rubber in the grooves of a tyre to create additional tread depth and prolong the life of the tyre. By retreading and regrooving truck tyres, your business can benefit from lower operating costs as truck tyres are able to go the extra mile. If done correctly…

Here’s a quick guide to what is involved in tyre regrooving:

  • Only fully trained operators using certified regrooving tools with electrically heated blades should carry out truck tyre regrooving
  •  Under no circumstances should a tyre be regrooved if it is not marked as ‘regroovable’ on the sidewall area. At Apollo, all TBR tyres are marked regroovable, but be aware that this is not the case for every brand.
  • Tyre regrooving should usually be carried out on the entire tread. However, where a tyre has worn abnormally, it may be possible to regroove just that section providing enough of the original groove is visible
  • Regrooving is done on both new and retreaded tyres and involves cutting deeper into the tread than the original mould groove depth
  • It is a legal requirement that any regrooving must follow the pattern specified by the manufacturer. Truck tyres should always be regrooved according to the patterns, depths and widths set out in the brand’s technical data guidelines
  • To avoid damage at the top breaker belt, it is essential that the minimum depth of remaining undertread rubber is 3mm 
  • The remaining groove depth should be measured at the lowest point of tread depth
  • Particular care should be taken while selecting tyres for regrooving – if the tread area is heavily damaged, tyres should be retreaded instead of regrooved
  • After regrooving, check that the tyre is free from defects. When doing so, make sure that the belts under the treads have not been exposed during the regrooving process. If the tyre cords are exposed as a result of regrooving the tyre is deemed illegal and must be withdrawn from service

For more information about when and how to get your truck tyres regrooved by a professional, get in touch with the experts at Apollo Tyres.

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