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Has Tesla really bought some trucking companies?

Has Tesla really bought some trucking companies?

Elon Musk has never shied away from speaking his mind and his comments often leave the rest of us scratching our heads.

A recent example of this was a tweet, in which the CEO and co-founder of Tesla said that the company had “bought some trucking companies & secured contracts with major haulers.”

A spokesperson for Tesla said the carmaker is committed to improving its delivery processes and was keen to avoid what the company has previously described as “delivery logistics hell.”

Which sounds fair enough, until you speak to anyone else in the haulage industry. No one seems to know anything about it. Who Tesla has approached to make these purchases is a bit of a mystery.

Musk’s claim that Tesla had “just acquired trucking capacity” didn’t go into specifics. In fact, he gave no detail whatsoever. According to a company spokesperson, this is because these deals are confidential.

But they would say that, wouldn’t they?

In September this year, Musk was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for making ‘false and misleading statements’ about Tesla after he tweeted that he’d secured funding to take the company private.

We might just take this claim with a pinch of salt.

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