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HGV drivers benefit from new DVLA digital tachograph card service

HGV drivers benefit from new DVLA digital tachograph card service

A new digital service unveiled by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will enable HGV drivers in England, Scotland and Wales to apply and pay for their tachograph cards online.

The drivers will be able to complete the process in minutes – rather than waiting days.

The service also extends to coach and bus drivers and could be used by up to 780,000 driver tachograph cardholders.

The aim of DVLA’s new digital service is to reduce waiting times and enable instant payments.

Digital driver tachograph card service

The new digital driver tachograph card service will be available 24/7 and will be easier and quicker for drivers to access.

The DVLA says that drivers will now receive their new tachograph cards within 24-hours after applying – compared to 10 days or more when drivers post their paper application.

However, to use the new online service, HGV drivers must have a valid GB photocard driving licence to apply.

Once the driver has applied, they will receive an email notification that will confirm their application has been received.

This email also offers the driver an opportunity to be notified of the progress by text of their application.

DVLA company tachograph card service

This latest digital service follows what was a successful launch in 2019 of the DVLA company tachograph card service.

This saw company card applications being moved online for the first time as part of this service.

The chief executive of the DVLA, Julie Lennard, said: “We are delighted to launch our new online driver tachograph service.

“This quick and easy to use service will give drivers who need tachograph cards greater flexibility around how, when and where they transact with us, and they will get their new card back even quicker.”

Digital service for online tachograph cards

The new digital service for online tachograph cards is the DVLA’s first service that has been moved onto new secure cloud-based systems.

DVLA also highlights that drivers can still choose to complete a paper application and post it rather than using the new online offering.

The new online driver digital tachograph card application can be accessed using the website.

The site makes clear that applicants must live in England, Scotland or Wales in order to apply for their first GB driver digital tachograph card.

Replace a stolen or lost tachograph card

Drivers can also renew their card if it will expire within 90 days, and they can also replace a stolen or lost tachograph card.

The new digital offering does not extend to replacing a faulty or damaged card – or when a driver needs to change their name and address on the card.

For these, drivers must apply by post and they’ll need to do so if they are applying for their first GB driver tachograph card if they are living overseas.

The fees for a first GB driver digital tachograph card are £32, it costs £19 to renew a card that has expired and to replace a stolen or lost card.

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