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HGV drivers’ hard work going underappreciated

How to become an HGV driver

Do you feel appreciated by the general public for the work you do?

While frontline workers are rightly getting lots of recognition right now, HGV and delivery drivers are more than playing their part by keeping the world moving.

However, more than half (50.4%) of UK truckers say they don’t feel like they’re getting any recognition for their hard work during these tough times, as per a new survey.

CameraMatics asked almost a thousand truck and delivery drivers in their three core territories: UK, Ireland and the US. Interestingly, UK truckers felt the least appreciated, compared to Ireland (40%) and the US (36%).

Commenting on the survey results, CameraMatics founder Simon Murray suggested that consumers in developed nations are “used to everything they need being available” and perhaps give little thought to how it finds its way to shelves.

He added that HGV workers delivering food and other essential supplies tend to operate “at night, out of sight of the public” – but stressed it’s crucial we pay tribute to the “mighty army of people, processes and machines” keeping supply chains flowing.

While many drivers told CameraMatics that they don’t expect or need appreciation as they are “just doing their bit”, others vented their frustration at not receiving the same allowances as other key workers.

One UK essential HGV driver reported that after working a 70-hour week delivering to a supermarket, they were unable to get necessary food for their own family whilst other key workers received priority.

“It is important […] drivers are recognised and appreciated not just while we are in the throes of this pandemic, but well after we resume normal activities,” said American Trucking Association’s Sean McNally.

We couldn’t agree more. That is why Fleet Speak, in collaboration with Connected2, Gearmate and Mental Health Solutions, has taken a stand and launched the #LoveLogistics campaign to show everybody that logistics matter. We want people to know the great job these people are doing to allow everyone to be safe in their homes, with food on their tables. We want to show the respect and support these essential workers deserve, not only during these difficult times, but always. 

Want to join the movement? Download our logo, share it on social media with the hashtag #LoveLogistic and tag us!

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  1. Thank you for your services and sacrifice big hugs XX god bless you all XX


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