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How Long can a PCN be Issued After the Offence? Law Updates


Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are fines allotted by the regional committee or the London for Transport.

One can issue these fines for illegal parking or minor traffic offences like using an unauthorised bus lane and turning left when not allowed—not paying your road tolls on time such as the London Congestion Charge can pull you under the offence by courtesy of London for Transport.

If you happen to find yourself in this situation, the police forces are not in power to make the offenders pay the charge in the act. Instead, a local adjudicator’s court justifies the penalty charge notices.

How much time does a penalty charge notice take to arrive?

The PCN could be left on the vehicle if the driver is not around or handed to the driver by a parking warden; this means the PCN has been served instantly. Secondly, if the traffic cameras have recorded your offence, the PCN will reach your address within four weeks.

The notice will delay more than four weeks only if your address is inaccurate in the DVLA database.

How much time a council has to serve a PCN?

The council or your regional authority has 28 days to serve you with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Please note: The serving period might get extended in some unexpected situations.

Till when can a PCN be pursued?

A Penalty Charge Notice can be pursued for years, but it is usually carried out within 28 days under persuasion. (14 days further if no payments are received by the offender).

If you think you are not liable or should not have to pay the charged penalty legally & without breaking the law, Here’s how you can raise a representation and practically skip the charges.

How to pay a Penalty Charge Notice?

The Penalty Charge Notice can be paid in a list of ways possible, but the most common and reliable way is to pay the charges online if the council approves it.

With a request to the type of vehicle, the penalty charge notice (PCN) ticket is payable by the operator of the fleet & the person controlling the fleet under the act of infringement of the lorry control order.

Usually, the offender can acquire the penalty charge notice through a post. Details such as paying the penalty charges can be obtained on the ticket.

You can also pay the penalty charge online by simply entering the PCN number and your vehicle registration number you’ll find on the ticket & press pay my PCN to make the payment.

Update: If you pay your PCN charge within the first 14 days, you can obtain a discount of up to 50% of the total fine!

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