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How longer daylight hours affect truckers

How longer daylight hours affect truckers

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Driving conditions in winter are notoriously worse compared to warmer months. Ice, fog, and snow all make for dangerous driving conditions. But the weather is not the only factor truck drivers need to consider as the seasons change.

With the winter solstice now behind us, the increase in daylight hours will soon become more noticeable. Sunsets get later and sunrises get earlier, meaning we see more daylight.

From a trucker’s perspective, from now until the summer solstice you can avoid driving in darkness and spend more time on the road.

And that’s a good thing, right?

In some ways, yes. But these longer days can also mean drivers end up getting less sleep at night. Equally, for drivers who are behind the wheel at night, the increased sunlight might mean they struggle to sleep during the day.

Experts suggest that these longer days are part of the reason why truckers are often so out of sync with hours of service regulations and why many are so passionate about flexibility.

What’s your experience of dealing with the change in seasons?

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