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How to Consult a Driving Theory Test Practice for Your Vehicle

driving theory test practice

After getting your vehicle ownership or learning to perfect your driving skills, completing a driving theory test is the next step to getting a permanent driving licence. A valid age to take the theory tests is 16 & above. Although if you are competent for your personal independence payment, you are eligible to take the tests from your 16th birthday onwards.

Now, to get a valid license for your vehicle, you need to take a Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA) driving theory test practice. This test practice consists of two categories. MCQ (Multiple-Choice Questions) & the HPT (Hazard Perception Test). All these tests are taken on the same day to ensure your driving & perception capabilities.

Before passing the practical driving test for your car, motorcycle or lorry, a driver must go through a certain driving theory test practice to ensure the UK traffic & safety rules are followed properly before & after the driver’s licence approval. If you are planning to become a lorry driver or already started your journey to becoming a large goods vehicle driver, you should know the basics of how to become an HGV driver in the UK regardless of dwelling on the technical terms of DVLA as a beginner.

Getting into A Driving Theory Test Practice.

Practice Practice Practice. Get your hands on the number of tests you can try online on your computer. The most convenient tests you should practice for your licence are the basic MCQ (Multiple-Choice Questions), Perception practice test & UK Road Signs Test. All the follow-ups & tests can be done online on the UK’s official driving theory test practice site. Researching & Rewatching the DVSA hazard perception clips is briefly recommended for extra vigilance.

How Much Does a Driving Theory Test Cost?

Although the test costs depend on your vehicle type, the costs are anywhere between £18 to £75. Consult the following table to view car theory test costs.

Car & Motorcycle Theory Test£23
Abridged Theory Test£18
Driving test on weekends, evenings and bank holidays£62 – £75

How to Book a Theory Test?

Before booking any particular test in the UK, you must complete your local residency in England Whales or Scotland for at least 185 days before applying for Driving & Practice tests. You can book the driving test here on the UK’s official test site for your car, motorcycle or lorries, buses and coaches, including the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) part 1a and 1b (theory) and part 2. It’s better to apply & complete the test on the official sites as the unofficial services might take extra charges for benefit.

Driving Theory Test Documents

In case of your booking confirmation, you’ll need the below documents.

  • A provisional driving licence number.
  • A credit/debit card to pay the required amount of fee.
  • A valid email address or your mobile number.

Before going to the driving theory test practice, you will need to have both sides of your driving licence, your photo card & a paper counterpart. If you have an old driving licence without a photo, you must go with a valid passport with an extra two for backup. The paid fee won’t be refunded if you lose your test due date. So, it’s reminded often to show up with all the necessary documents on the date of the test.

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