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5 trucking techs being used in the fight against Covid-19

The government says that longer lorries could be on the UK's roads from early 2022.

So much of the world has been placed on pause over these past months, but so much of it has been running as normal(ly as it can), too.

The trucking industry, for example, has had to keep things moving as best it can (truck drivers working from home just isn’t an option).

So, it’s not surprising that trucking technology has been updated and repurposed because of Covid-19. Here are five examples of how trucking tech has been adapted.

1 Truck telematics

We all know that telematics is used to track commercial vehicle locations, but the underlying telematics data is now being used to get insights into how supply chains are responding to the economic realities of a pandemic. Data can be used by fleet services and carriers to compare their business experience with macroeconomic trends.

Data on equipment utilisation could inform decisions about buying or selling vehicles and shifting assets. It’s important that the telematics data collected by fleet services doesn’t get stuck in fleets.

2 Face mask-detecting cameras

Face masks are vital in limiting the spread of coronavirus and most truck drivers have been required to wear some level of PPE. At least one technology company has updated its driver monitoring system to detect face masks (as well as whether truck drivers are smoking or holding phones).

The EU has listed new safety technologies for 2022 such as improved direct vision for trucks and drowsiness detection. But those features could also include systems that track driver mood, temperature or sickness.

3 Contact tracing

It’s no secret that some countries have got to grips with contact tracing better than others. But testing and contact tracing are going to be vital in warding off a second wave of the virus. The trucking industry is well-positioned to use on-board recorders and telematics to track the movements of truck drivers and who they come into contact with.

4 Geofencing for social distancing

Plans are in place to use geofencing technology to help maintain social distancing measures. The system can track drivers and issue assignments via a mobile check-in (so they don’t have to enter a building). Eliminating the need for drivers to fill in paperwork manually will not only help social distancing, but will also make fleet operations and supply chain management more efficient overall.

Stay safe out there.

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