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Humber Bridge Toll Charges and Restrictions

humber bridge toll charges

The Humber Bridge toll booths are set to overhaul and scrapped to introduce new cashless transactions to ease the daily queues and crossing.

The scheme has undergone a new payment method where you can do the transfer without hesitance.

Presently, motorists using the bridge can either opt for toll booths or buy a Tag attached to their vehicle to detect while crossing the bridge. The toll will be deducted from the driver’s online account.

Previously, the Tyne Tunnel has also adopted a new ‘open road tolling‘ systematised with traffic lights, barriers, and journeys recorded through automatic number plate recognition cameras.

Humber Bridge Toll Charges

Vehicle ClassificationToll ChargeHumberTAG – 10% Discount
Class 1: Motorcycles W/O a sidecar.FreeFree
Class 2: Maximum weight 3.5 tonnes, (Caravans/motorhomes/cars/towing trailers)£1.50£1.35
Class 3: 2 axle vehicles between 3.5-7.5 tonnes, 9-16 passengers minibus, bus/coaches, agricultural vehicles.£4.00£3.60
Class 4: 3 axle vehicles or more over 7.5 tonnes.£12.00£10.80

Humber Bridge Toll – How to Pay?

There are several ways one can pay as per driver’s convenience. You can find the few stated below:

  • Contactless
  • Chip & Pin
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

The crossing will only be open for payments from 1 pm, followed by the working days.

Paying online is considered the easiest way to pay the bridge toll. You can simply visit, enter your vehicle registration number and pay for the crossing.

It is solely a driver’s responsibility to check the website occasionally to avoid incurring charges.

What if the Payments are Deferred?

Deferred payments are issued to the drivers in emergencies and/or subject to administration charges.

Toll Due Notice

Under section 11 of the Humber Bridge Act 2013, you must pay the toll to cross the bridge. If you don’t pay the applicable toll while crossing, you will be issued a toll due notice.

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