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Hyundai’s first fuel cell truck heads to Europe

Hyundai’s first fuel cell truck heads to Europe

The first of Hyundai’s fuel cell trucks has arrived in Switzerland. The ten Xcient Fuel Cell trucks will be available for lease and the truck manufacturer plans to ship another 40 to Switzerland this year.

The company is billing the vehicle as the first mass-produced fuel cell heavy-duty truck and plans to roll out a total of 1,600 by 2025.

Speaking about the new trucks, Cheol Lee, executive vice president and head of commercial vehicle division at Hyundai Motor stated: “Xcient Fuel Cell is a present-day reality.”

He continued: “Building a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem, where critical transportation needs are met by vehicles like Xcient Fuel Cell, will lead to a paradigm shift that removes automobile emissions from the environmental equation.”

The company already has experience producing fuel-cell electric passenger vehicles (ix35 and Nexo) and was ready to make the move into the commercial truck sector.

The company is also developing a long-distance truck able to travel 600 miles on one charge, which it hopes to ship to Europe and the US.

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